Mindfulness and Compassion @WORK  

Mindfulness and Compassion training allows people to    learn to cultivate attention, focus and awareness.  

Our courses in Mindfulness and Compassion @WORK are  especially suited to:  

  •  People working in a corporate environment  

  •  People working in small or medium sized    organisations  

  •  Including organisations such as schools, universities   and hospitals.  

  •  Staff members of all levels  

  •  Managers, Leaders and CEOs  

The benefits of mindfulness and compassion training in the   workplace include:  

  • Increased workplace functioning and productivity  

  • Staff resilience and staff cohesion  

  • Stress reduction  

  • Communication and teamwork  

  • Increased creativity and innovation  

  • Improved decision-making  

  • Improved performance  

  • Increased well-being  

  • Reduced absenteeism and presenteeism  

  • Reduced mental health issues  

The trainings we offer are evidence-based and   experiential, we are a very skilled team of teachers and   advisors with over 20 years of personal corporate   experience. Our lead teacher and facilitator has specific   academic and professional training in both Applied   Psychology and Mindfulness for Well-being and Peak   Performance.  


Please get in touch and we can discuss how Mindfulness  & Compassion @WORK can help your workplace. 

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