Client Testimonials:

"There is a lot more to the Daily Meditation Lab than meditation. I enjoyed and  have benefitted from learning about how my mind functions, what I can control  and what I cannot- what I can do to help myself when I feel bad/sad and how I  can relax even when I feel that my mind is running a million miles an hour."     Jushen 04/10/2020 

"Learning to be compassionate towards myself has transformed how I feel about myself and I am really grateful for the patience, kindness and empathy Sara has shown me. She is direct, professional and authentic-  I can gladly recommend The Daily Meditation Lab."  Lindsay 19/09/2020

"I have been working with Sara and her team for several months. I have found my physical and mental health have really been a problem since Covid. I was getting very anxious and angry, I couldn't sleep properly and my eating habits were out of control.  Talking to Sara and setting up my own daily self-care plan along with learning grounding and resilience techniques has been completely wonderful. I do not feel so out of control, I feel that I can look after myself and be happy with myself as I am much more often than I could before. Im very very glad I decided to contact Sara, I hope you do too." Craig 09/08/2020 

"Sarah is a very good therapist and coach, my family and I have worked with her several times. Most recently when I needed help with a lot of stress and anxiety due to a new baby, moving house and difficulties at work."  Monica-  05/06/2020 

"Can't recommend The Daily Meditation Lab enough! I needed help with low mood, stress, anger, bad habits and Sara really took the time to listen and help me: I even learned to meditate (never thought that would happen)." Don 02/03/2020 

" I really liked Sara's easy-going and honest approach. I was reluctant to seek help because I thought that it wouldn't work but it has. I'm now in a new healthy relationship and I feel more confident and able to look after myself (boyfriend or no boyfriend) than ever before!" Rachel 22/05/2020

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