Virtual Retreats 

A virtual retreat is held online and from the convenience and comfort of your  

own home. Retreats at The Daily Meditation Lab are designed to allow  

participants to take a personal time-out, to rest, recharge, relax and deepen  

their mindfulness based practices with the support of other participants and  

the guidance of a skilled teacher.  


Self-Care & Compassion Retreat  


This half-day retreat is offered to participants interested in exploring heart   based practices such as loving-kindness and self-compassion.  

Focusing upon the cultivation of compassion and kindness towards oneself   and stepping away from a judgemental and critical way of thinking about   ourselves.  

The retreat is facilitated by skilled and trained leaders drawing upon recently   developed, evidence-based approaches such as mindful self-compassion. 

Other retreats are offered throughout the year, please keep an eye on the   booking page for any new offerings. Some concessions are available please email or call for more details.  


10% of our Retreat revenue is donated to charity. To know more please see  our Pay It Forward page.

Contact: Sara Copley

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